The Most Reliable Name in Custom Shutters

Mountain Pine Shutters, an expert in plantation and traditional shutters, has been a premier shutter company in Southern California for more than 30 years. Based in La Cañada and Santa Barbara, California, we provide and install shutters throughout Southern California. Mountain Pine Shutters provides quality interior and exterior shutters, designed with our decades of experience, customer service, and care.

We offer custom shutters for interior and exterior solutions in three price ranges and materials. We provide a 100% basswood shutter, our synthetic (Polywood) non-wood shutter, and a composite Chinese gesso shutter. All of our shutters are quality built in the U.S., giving you the best value for your dollar.

The team at Mountain Pine Shutters is ready to help solve any shutter challenge. A specialist in shutters, we provide personal service to all of our clients. We bring years of experience to every interior and exterior shutter job. Whether you are a custom designer, painter, contractor, home builder, or do-it-yourself client who needs plantation or traditional shutters, we can help make the process easier.

Mountain Pine Shutters’ Guarantee

Mountain Pine Shutters will help you design a quality hardwood plantation shutter window treatment or traditional shutter window treatment to accent and brighten any home. In the shutter business, it’s the people who stand behind a guarantee who make it meaningful. Greg Lee, who founded our La Canada, California business in 1979, has the reputation as the most knowledgeable shutter resource in the Los Angeles area. Greg grew up in the shutter business, with his uncles owning their first manufacturing facility in 1962. Today his team of experts includes a Sales Professional, Shutter Installer, Shutter Painter and Shutter Foreman with combined experience of more than 140 work-years! Our team stands behind our workmanship from design and manufacturing to installation and cleanup. We are committed to providing shutters that are both beautiful and functional.

Three shutter materials to fit your budget

Basswood: our premium wood shutter with many great qualities. As a hardwood, basswood has no resin to bleed through the finish. It is a light hardwood, so these shutters have no sagging problems from excessive weight and virtually no warp.

Polywood: our premium non-wood shutter. It is weather proof, flame resistant and reduces outside noise. A Polywood shutter is constructed of solid components, does not yellow, can be painted any color and is ideal for those hard-to-treat windows.

Chinese Gesso: a composite of several woods with basswood-like qualities. Imported from Chinese mills, all components are laminated and finger jointed resulting in a very straight, strong and unlikely-to-warp material. Gesso flow coating is easy to finish; this process is an exceptional value.

Quality shutter construction

Mountain Pine Shutters, located in La Canada Flintridge near Pasadena and Glendale and in Santa Barbara, uses the best engineering design and material to make plantation and traditional shutters.

Our tension screw system allows adjustment of louver tension with a slight turn of the screw. We use extra long, heavy gauge staples in the louvers and tilt rods to ensure strength. Every wood shutter panel is assembled with 3/8″ fluted hardwood dowels, glued on 1″ centers, giving the shutter panel lock-tight durability.

Custom shutter finishes

Mountain Pine Shutters will color match or custom finish AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Our finishing process is a thirteen-step process in which the raw wood is sanded when milled, sanded again after being cut into components, and sanded by hand before being undercoated. After a series of undercoats, our shutters are completely sanded by hand and machine with a fine grit paper. Then the shutters are painted and proof sanded with an extra-fine grit. This process includes many thin coats of nitrocellulose lacquer and more than five sanding steps between coats.

What is the difference between plantation shutters and wide louver shutters?

There is no difference between plantation shutters and wide louver shutters. Plantation shutter is a traditional term for the wide louvered design. For more information, please see our page on the history of shutters.